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Travel information New Zealand : New Zealand is the country located at the exact the other side of the earth as the Netherlands. The first European who discovered the country is the Dutchman Abel Tasman. There are still many things in the country to remember him. For example the Abel Tasman National Park in the Northern tip of the South Island. There is also a monument erected in his memory. Still, there are tensions between Maori and New Zealanders descendants of Western origin. The relatively well-organised Maori's (relative to the Aboriginals in Australia) and the lack of clarity from the New Zealand government leaves room for a lot of discussion. The country consists of two major islands and several smaller islands, as in the Bay of Islands in the north of the North Island. The country contains many geothermal activities that in many cases a genuine attraction. For example, there are the craters of the moon in a almost moon-like landscape. Furthermore, the city Rototua is surrounded by volcanic activity. In New Zealand are also several volcanoes of which still a few are active. New Zealand has (unlike Australia) no dangerous animals (no poisonous snakes, white sharks, spiders etc.). There are other unique animals, for example the kiwi bird, which only lives at night. There are also many possums to see (mostly killed along the side of the road).

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