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Travel information Micronesia airline: Micronesia is an archipelago in the Pacific Ocean. Micronesia is bordered by Indonesia, Philippines, Papua New Guinea, Melanesia and Polynesia. One of the attractions of Micronesia, the western state of Micronesia. Yap. This consists of four proximity between islands formed from the same reef. The islands are accessible by Yap International Airport. In Micronesia, many bird species to admire. In addition, there is much to see underwater. So diving or snorkeling is recommended. Thus, many tropical fish species seen, but also sea turtles, rays, swordfish, tuna, barracuda and sailfish. The Chuuk Lagoon offers the opportunity to swim between the plane wrecks who crashed during WWII. The Fujikawa Maru is the place where well-preserved underwater bells as fighters on the ground to see. The Shinkoku Maru location sunken ships to see. These are covered with a layer of corals and sponges.

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