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Travel information Kiribati : Kiribati (officially the Republic of Kiribati) is located in Oceania. The archipelago lies in the Pacific. Kiribati is part of Polynesia and Micronesia region. Kiribati is divided into several islands. These groups are: the Phoenix Islands, the Gilbert Islands and the Line Islands (the latter group are the islands of Kingman Reef, Jarvis, and Palmyra Atoll U.S. territory). The capital of Kiribati is Tarawa. The islands of Kiribati stabbing a few meters above the water. They are therefore very vulnerable. If the global warming sea level rise will have significant impact on the islands and atolls of Kiribati. Kiribati has long white sandy beaches with beautiful palm trees. It is an ideal destination for diving or snorkeling. The population of Kiribati live mainly on fishing.

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