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Travel information Cook islands : The Cook Islands are named after the English explorer James Cook who first visited the islands in 1773. The 15 islands archipelago has a land area of 240 km2 and is situated in the South Pacific. The nearest neighbors are Tahiti, Niue, Samoa and Tokelau. The Cook Islands have been inhabited since the 6th century by the Polynesians. The inhabitants are closely related to the Maori's. The only official language is English. The Parliamentary Democracy has about 16,000 inhabitants. This number is decreasing because many people will try their luck in New Zealand. Since 1901 the islands are under the protectorate of New Zealand. In 1965 the Cook Islands received self-government. The nine southern islands are of volcanic origin and is slightly elevated. The six northern atolls, formed by coral growth, are a bit older. The most interesting tourist attractions are the islands Aitutaki, Atiu and Rarotonga. Rarotonga is the main island and the capital is Avarua. Geographically the islands are characterized by volcanoes, tropical jungles, paradise beaches, coral reefs and lagoons. There is generally a warm and pleasant climate, varied with weather surprises such as the trade winds and precipitation. Sights and activities include the nature and rich culture with a Polynesian dance festival, a singing competition, which lasts one month and Tiare festival. Further, do not miss a full day lagoon cruise snorkeling on your list of activities!

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