About us

As you probably know, there’s no better medium than the Internet for gathering information. Especially if you’re travelling or going on holiday.
The only problem for users is to find the most helpful sites on countries, regions, transport, and accommodation.
Worldtrotter is an independent Internet portal offering an overview of the best of these sites in each category.
In an accessible and friendly way we help you find everything you need to know and on every subject we supply various options so you can “trot” around, to make the most of your travels.
Trotty's service was developed in 1999 and launched in the Spring of 2000. Thousands of visitors every day have clearly proven the need to access the right information, just as we perceived it when we started our company and website.
From the very first day we have offered a unique experience that has attracted a special breed of visitors who are open for learning and able to use more than one language. Especially for you our proprietary “Language-Filter” was developed.